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LSC 2021-22

Mann LSC Parent Member Vacancy


10/6/21 LSC Meeting @ 6pm AGENDA

9/1/21 LSC Meeting @ 6pm - AGENDA

8/25/21 LSC Meeting - AGENDA
Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 957 7146 3018 - Passcode: 31034212

2021 – 2022 Meeting Schedule (1st Wednesday of the Month)

All LSC meetings are currently being held at Horace Mann School. We will be offering virtual options for future meetings.

Wednesday September 1, 2021 6:00 PM

Wednesday October 6,2021 6:00 PM

Wednesday November 3, 2021 6:00 PM

Wednesday December 1,2021 6:00 PM

Wednesday January 5,2022 6:00 PM

Wednesday February 2,2022 6:00 PM

Wednesday March 2,2022 6:00 PM

Wednesday April 6,2022 6:00 PM

Wednesday May 4,2022 6:00 PM

Wednesday June 1,2022 6:00 PM

 (All meetings are open to the public):

If you would like to share any information, suggestions, or concerns as they relate to Horace Mann School, please fill free to come and join the meetings. We look forward to seeing you.


Mann current Local School Council Consists of:

Karon Purkett, Interim Principal

Patricia Braboy, Parent Rep

Cory Markham, Parent Rep, Chair

Betty Wilson, Community Rep, Vice Chair

Fransene Rockman, Community Rep, FOIA

Stephanie McConnell, Teacher Rep, Secretary

Eurydice Bevly, Teacher Rep

Karrah Davis, Non- Teacher Staff